I am happy to consult with you, without charge, to determine whether or not I can assist you. This first consultation can be done over the phone, at my office or at your place of business. At this consultation, you can determine in if I am the right “fit” for you and your business.

After I understand your business and your legal needs, I will work with you to develop an estimate of fees and expenses. It is important that you to be able to predict and plan for legal fees. Few things are more anxiety producing than opening a bill from an attorney without having any idea of how much it is likely to be. Because my personnel costs are lower than most firms and because I make use of technology now available for law practices, I am able to offer legal services at a competitive hourly rate. I will give you an estimate of legal fees and I am willing to offer a fixed fee or a capped rate. I will send you bill for my services, either monthly or quarterly.

I am accessible to you on-line or by telephone. If I am not available, I make it a point to return calls as soon as possible, and, unless I am in court or in meetings, will return the call by the end of the day. I will keep you informed about your matters, so that you have the information that you need to make decisions.